Beef Sales

Lean Ground Beef $7/pound or $6.50/pound for over 20 pounds.

Stew Beef $7/pound

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Meat Packs:

Pack #1 (20lbs) $177 SOLD OUT!
10lb Ground
4lb 2oz Shoulder Roast
5lb Tenderloin Steaks (4packs of 2 per pack)

Pack #2 (20lbs) $216 SOLD OUT!
11lb Ground
4lb 8oz Prime Rib Roast
1lb 3oz Tenderloin steak
1lb 3oz Ribeye Steak
2lb 12oz Short Ribs

Pack #3 (23lb 12oz) $250
11lb 10oz Ground
2lb 12oz Sirloin Top Steak
1lb 13oz Striploin
3lb 5oz Prime Rib Roast
4lb 4oz Chuck Roast

Pack #4 (24lbs 1oz) $260
11lb 13oz Ground
3lb Sirloin Top Steak
2lb Ribeye Steak
3lb Prime Rib Roast
4lb 4oz Chuck Roast

Pack #5 (22lb 3oz) $220
2lb 14oz Inside Round Roast
3lb 4oz Outside Round Roast
3lb 4 oz Sirloin Top Steak
1lb Ribeye Steak
15oz Striploin Steak
10lb 14 oz Ground

Pack #6 (20lbs 13oz) $230
3lb 1oz Sirloin Top Steak
1lb 2oz Tenderloin Steak
2lb 1oz Inside Round Roast
2lb 7oz Prime Rib Roast
11lb 7 oz Ground

Pack #7 ( 10lbs) $130
2lb 6oz Inside Round Roast
2lb 4 oz Tenderloin Steak
5lb 8oz Ground

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