Timber Ridge Meats

We are two Nicola Valley ranchers that have teamed up to sell natural range raised beef. We truly care about our cows, our land and our customers. From birth of the calf in our fields to the finished product on your plate we have put thought and effort into every aspect of raising your beef.

At our ranches we value nature and try to work with it’s rhythm. Our cows are out being cows and and we try to keep them happy with low stress. Summers are spent grazing native grasses out on mountain range right out our ranch’s back doors. Winters are spent in grazing our fields and eating hay.

We’d love for you to try our beef, we’re proud of our product. We deliver to drop off points every two months in the lower mainland and okanagan. Sign up for our monthly emails, or email us at timberridgemeats@gmail.com

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